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Top 5 Essential Oils Starter Kit! 

These essential oils fulfill the basic needs for your home medicine cabinet:

  1. Lavender: It improves sleep, reduces stress, heals burns, stops itching, treats blemishes, provides a natural deodorant and improves overall skin health.
  2. Peppermint: You put it on your skins to provide icy/hot muscle relief and to ease the tension of headaches. You can also use it to flavor candy, toothpicks & hot chocolate. And many people use it just to improve their digestion.
  3. Lemon: Add Lemon essential oil to water for a natural detox. And, like Peppermint essential oil, Lemon essential oil enhances the flavor in desserts, drinks & cocktails. And add it to your diffuser to clean your air. And, of course, Lemon essential oil is fantastic for cleaning and sanitizing any household surfaces.
  4. Mental Clarity: This essential oil soothes tense muscles, cools your hot flashes, and relieves nausea. You can inhale it or diffuse it to improve everyone's breathing.
  5. Stress Recovery: This essential oil increases your natural resistance to stress and, like the above essential oils, you can reduce feelings of fatigue by inhaling and diffusing it in your home or office.

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These oils are organic. The same way you want to avoid chemicals in your food and drink, it is even more important to use only certified organic essential oils. 

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By Lena Moffat