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Aromastick 3-Pack

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Aromastick 3-Pack

  • Personal Nasal Inhaler Tubes for Essential Oils.
  • Lightweight, portable and great for travel!
  • Simply add 5-15 drops of essential oil to the cotton insert and assemble unit. 
  • Perfect diffuser alternative for personal aromatherapy.

Easy Assembly.

Enjoy adding the stickers! (Stickers will vary depending on inventory.)

About the product
  • BLANK EMPTY NASAL INHALER TUBES PERFECT FOR AROMATHERAPY - Blank nasal inhaler tubes are perfect to use as essential oil nasal inhalers and for essential oil blends to enjoy aromatherapy on the go.
  • TIGHT CAP AND LID ENSURE LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE AND  BENEFITS - Cap secures the wick inside very securely in order to preserve the oils' natural healing properties so you get long lasting fragrance and health benefits.
  • List of essential oils and hydrosols to diffuse.