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Kraft Labels

Sold individually*, not on a roll as shown in the photo

Ornate Large Labels

2x3 Kraft Paper Label Stickers – Blank Brown Paper Kraft Labels in 3 Designs – Make Custom Stickers & Craft Sticker Labels for Jars, Logo Stickers, Gift Tags & More! You must order by 3/6/9/12 etc. to receive each design. *We are not able to ship all the same design. If you order 3 labels, you will receive 3 different labels as shown on the photo.

Circle Label

  • Stickers are 2" in diameter
  • Great for labeling and color-coding supplies, books, learning and art projects. Great for homemade or hand-mande items.
  • Easy to write on with most permanent markers. Natural brown kraft label gives items a natural or organic look and feel.
  • Made in the USA on quality stock. Permanent adhesive that sticks well to most surfaces.

  • Heart Label
  • 2" Large Heart Kraft Stickers - Die Cut Shape - Natural Kraft Paper Material with Strong Back Adhesive
  • Easy Peel and Apply From Roll
  • Can Write on With Pen or Sharpie,large heart stickers
  • Great for Applying to Gifts, Crafts, Wedding Invitation Seals, Valentine Parties and More.

  • Rectangular Label
  • Rectangle Brown Kraft Stickers
  • 1" x 2"
  • Easy Peel and Stick Stickers
  • Standard Permanent Adhesive