Avocado Carrier Oil 2 fl.oz.
Avocado Carrier Oil 2 fl.oz.

Avocado Carrier Oil 2 fl.oz.

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Persea americana Mill.
Pressing and treatment of the flesh of the Avocado fruit


  • Poor skin elasticity
  • Orange peel / early cellulite
  • Dull and lackluster skin
  • Dry or damaged hair
  • Firming massages
  • Wonderful addition to salad dressings & vegetable dips

Composition at a glance: Just over two-thirds of mono-unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 9 and the famous hydrating palmitoleic acid). Just less than a tenth of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 6). Just less than one-fifth of saturated fatty acids. Vit. E, beta-carotene, palmitic and palmitoleic acids.

Color and texture: Greenish oil. Medium fast absorption.

Smell: Discreet and neutral, hint of avocado.

Protection and Tonic Effect

Avocado oil is a superior moisturizing oil for the body, hair and face. Rich in Omega 9, Avocado is one of the rare oils containing palmitoleic acid, valuable for the protection of cell membranes and cellular regeneration.

This oil softens and tones the skin and dry brittle hair. It can be used for sensitive, dry skin and other irritations requiring a vitamin-rich oil or intense moisture. Avocado oil may be paired with Calendula oil for a perfect before and after sun care remedy.