Cold & Flu Essential Oil Kit

Cold & Flu Essential Oil Kit

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Clear those sinuses!

Inhale the Immunity Boost and the Mental Clarity separately by pouring a few drops in your hand, rubs your palms together, cup over your face and inhale deeply. (Keep away from eyes.)

Dry brush with a few drops of Immunity Boost on your dry brush.

Submerse cotton swab into the Sinus Oil solution and lightly dab inner nostrils, on bridge of note or chest. Use 4 drops diluted in your neti-pot.

Diffuse 3-6 drops Good Samaritan. Add several drops to cleaning solutions or hand soap for a natural disinfectant.

A good way is to put 10 drops of Immunity Boost, Good Samaritan or Mental Clarity separately on some coarse Himalayan salt in a jar, carry it with you, and smell it often to clear the sinuses and open your bronchial.

Kit Includes the following essential oils:

  • Immunity Boost 5ml
  • Good Samaritan 5ml
  • Sinus Formula 5ml
  • Mental clarity 5ml
  • and a Pretty Organza bag