Marjoram, Swe5ml

Marjoram, Sweet 5ml

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Veriditas Organic Sweet Marjoram Origanum majorana from France

Marjoram has an herbal, woody, spicy aroma and the power to address the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system. This oil brings tranquility and is great for use in massage blends for headaches, muscles pain, grief and menstrual cramps. Marjoram is best known as a seasoning in many Italian foods as well as other cuisine. This essential oil in non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing, however, it is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Sweet Marjoram is used in the Menstrual Cramp Relief blend as it is great for helping to ease discomfort. It is a topical analgesic meaning that it dulls pains when applied to the body. This makes it great for sore muscles, cramps, arthritis, headaches, sprains and joints. It is also antibacterial and anti-septic and is a great addition to house hold cleaners or soaps, natural hand sanitizer and more. Marjoram can be helpful at night time to deepen sleep, help insomnia or to unwind. Its calming for the nervous system reduces stress and is a mild sedative. Marjoram is also great for reducing sex drive, it is the opposite of an aphrodisiac, its an anaphordisiac.

There are many types of marjoram including sweet marjoram which is the subject of this article, pot marjoram, wild marjoram and Spanish marjoram, desert marjoram. One species of marjoram known as Thymus mastichina also known as Spanish marjoram and/or Spanish oregano has highly sedative effect and Maurice Message in his classic book healing plants warns that marjoram has too strong of an effect and could be habit forming (Schnaubelt 2007). Perhaps he went a little far with that opinion but marjoram does have a pleasant calming effect. Inhaling this scent can make one drowsy and thus it is great for use before bed and for deep sleep. When combined with clary sage and lavender you get a deeply calming mixture.

Sweet marjoram is a low laying highly aromatic shrub which produces small flowers in tight clusters and is related to the thyme and oregano. The scent of the essential oil will be reminiscent of thyme and oregano but with more cooling sweetness and less spice and herbal pungency. The flowering tops of the plant are steam distilled to produce this pale yellow highly aromatic essential oil. Marjoram has documented historical used as a folk remedy by the ancient Greeks who gave it the name joy of the mountain.

In blending sweet marjoram can bring herbaceous, savory, earthy undertones very familiar to those with herb gardens. It is most often added to blends not for its cooling yet spicy aromatic character but rather for its powerful therapeutic properties. It blends well with bergamot, lavender, clary sage, sweet orange, vetiver, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, basil, sage, thyme, oregano, peppermint and many more essential oils. Sweet majoram is surprisingly versatile in blending and tends not to overpower when used in relatively small ratio to the other oils. When combined with lavender it always take me back to the sunny days of summer with gardens and wild flowers.


Summer Garden Blend:

10 drops lavender

5 drops clary sage

3 drop sweet marjoram

3 drops bergamot

Mix into _ ounce carrier oil or use undiluted in the diffuser.

Sore muscles, bruises, cramps, joint aches, headaches:

3 drops sweet marjoram

5 drops ginger

5 drops peppermint

3 drops helichrysum

5-10 drops lavender

Mix together into _ ounce carrier oil. In this case calendula, arnica, or St. Johns wart infused carrier oil would be ideal. Then massage into the affected area. Can be applied throughout the day every 3-4 hours as needed.

For TMJ one of the best things is scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage this can be paired with aromatic massage oil. This aids in the reduction of tension, removes toxins which build in the tense muscles, promotes stress reduction which is always linked to muscular pains to some degree and promotes healing. Many muscles around the neck and head contribute to the discomfit in head and neck and self-massage with essential oils around the upper edge of the jawline and around the lower edge of the check bone can be helpful. Increasing water intake is important as well in pain reduction.

This is a good essential oil blend for use on jaw tension, aches and TMJ.

1 ounce carrier oil choose either, rosehip seed oil, arnica infused oil or calendula infused oil usually these are in olive oil or sunflower seed oil.

5 drops helichrysum

2 drops rosemary ct. verbenone is best but rosemary ct. cineole will work as well.

4 drops lavender

3 drops roman chamomile

3 drops sweet marjoram

This blend is not only good for the health of the joint and the muscles of the jaw but they will reduce inflammation, promote circulation for improved healing. This blend is also very calming and can be used at night to promote good sleep and reduce grinding of the jaw through stress reduction and deeper sleep.

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