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Lavender Hydrosol

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Note: If you order one or more Hydrosols, please be advised that we cannot prevent Hydrosols from freezing and breaking in transit. If you live in an area or if your products are shipped through an area where temperatures are freezing or below, you are responsible for any Hydrosol breakage due to freezing. Please consider postponing your Hydrosol orders until the weather in your area is consistently above freezing.
Lavender Hydrosol

Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Provence, France and Northern California, USA
Size: 4oz, 1oz

Fresh, light and herbaceous, Lavender is an ideal toner for all skin types. Lavender hydrosol promotes cell repair for treating aging skin and is an excellent coolant for minor burns, sunburns, rashes, irritation, sores and generally sensitive skin. It is the most relaxing, balancing and hydrating hydrosol of the collection. Gentle and soothing, it can be used as an all-purpose facial mist, body spray and deodorant.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul Rodriguez
Great product. Great Service.

Great product. Great Service.

Aaron Grobler
not good

is really weak, mostly just smells like water not much lavender. would not buy an hydrosol from this company again

shamila salem
Love it

I’ve always been a fan of lavender, so this is just perfect for my daily skin routine! It feels refreshing and makes my skin happy and hydrated.

Norma Iris
Love them

I used to get them when living back in California. I had try them also as a natural deodorant and it works for me well. As a facial spray is very relaxing anytime of the day. I wish they had them at my local Fresh Thyme market🙏

Bliss in a bottle

Oh my goodness, the warm sweet honey tones, devine.