Rose Hip Seed 5ml

Rose Hip Seed Oil 5ml

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Veriditas Organic Coldpressed Rose Hip seed oil

Use quickly, as it goes "off" in 6 months much like flax seed oil!

Veriditas Organic Rosehip Seed Oil Rosa rubiginosa

Rosehip Seed oil is of great importance in preventing premature aging and improving the health of the skin. It is rich oil with a beautiful red hue which absorbs quickly acting as a rejuvenating agent. Kurt Schnaubelt one of the worlds leading experts in aromatherapy states, Rosa rubiginosa (rose hip seed oil) is of the highest importance of regenerative skin care. Synergies of this multi-unsaturated fatty oil with essential oils are most effective (Aromatherapy Course Book IV-72).? When we combine rosehip seed oil with skin regenerative and rejuvenate essential oils they work together for a much greater effect. This synergistic effect is artfully cultivated in the Rose Regenerative Facial Oil from Veriditas Botanicals.

Rosehip seed oil contains 40 -50% linoleic acid which is of special importance for the health of the every cell of the skin used for preventing premature aging, wrinkles, removing scars, and healing burns; it is also soothing for psoriasis, eczema. Rosehip seed oil and its linoleic acid are readily absorbed through the skin along with a host of unsaturated essential fatty acids contained within this amazing oil. This rich emollient oil must be stored in the refrigerator to preserve all its wonderful essential fats and to greatly extend shelf life. The fatty acids are used in the reformation and formation of the skin membranes. Rosehip seed oil is not highly recommended for very oily skin and acute acne. Those with sensitive skin may need to dilute it in another carrier like jojoba for best results. Rosehip seed oil has mild secondary benefits such as being calming for the nervous system, helpful for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, addiction and hyper activity. Using rosehip seed oil helps sooth and nourishes the body and mind with its red amber oil and it becomes even more effect when combined with essential oils.

Veriditas Botanicals has created an amazing skin regenerative blend known as the Rose Regenerative Facial Oil. The bottle for the blend reads like a list of the most effect essential oils for preventing premature aging and for cell repair and rejuvenation. It contains the essential oils of helichrysum, rose otto, frankincense, carrot seed, lavender, neroli, cistus (rock rose). These all work together to accomplish something that none of the individual oils could accomplish on their own. You could use any combination of these essential oils to make your own personal facial oil with the rose hip seed. I have had many people speak to me and say that the blend is too powerful for their skin if this is the case use use a hydrosol as a facial toner before applying the facial oil and applying a lotion after stops the irritation and increases the depth and speed of the skin rejuvenate results.

Rosehip seed oil is made from a rose cultivated South American commonly known as the wild rose which produces beautiful pink flowers with a bright yellow center. It produces small fruits which are smooth and a rich red color, inside are small seeds which contain this precious healing oil. This wild rose plant comes in several species and varieties some of which can grow in a variety of climates and regions. It is called wild rose because it grows vigorously according to Wikipedia it is banned from cultivation in South Africa and New Zealand and is an invasive species which taking over large areas of land. The plant is bursting with vitality and vigor and we can benefit from the harvesting of the fruits of this amazing plant.

Rosehips are also used as a dried herb which is different from the oil. By taking the whole fruit and drying it we can make a sweet and tart tea which has been used medicinally throughout human history. Rosehip tea is very high in vitamin C often a single fruit can contain the daily recommended intake. It has linoleic acid like the oil and it is also good for rheumatoid arthritis, lowering cholesterol, nerve pain, depression, chronic fatigue and much more according to WebMD. It is a plant which offers us its overflowing life force in both beautiful oils and teas.



10 drops Helichrysum

7 drops Blue chamomile

5 drops Carrot seed

3 drops Palmarosa

Use a 5ml bottle and add fill half way with rosehip seed oil. When making any homemade blend make sure that you adjust the scent and potency to your wants and needs. I always like to start by making a small batch first and if I like it then make a larger quantity.

Skin care blend:

5ml Rosehip seed oil.

10 drops Frankincense

6 drops Helichrysum

10 drops Lavender

6 drops Sandalwood

1-3 drops Vetiver

This blend is for balancing the skin and is well-suited to dry skin or sensitive skin. It has a balanced aroma which is very soothing and calming for the mind and body. For the best results apply a hydrosol after washing the face getting a nice damp misting on the skin; wait one minute then apply the facial oil and wait another minute and apply a lotion. This will prevent premature aging of the skin if done twice a day.p>

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