Cocoa in Jojoba-Melissa's Botanicals

Cocoa in Jojoba-Melissa's Botanicals

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  • Cocoa in Jojoba


Cocoa in Jojoba Oil is used to make it easier for children to tolerate other essential oils, helping to “sweeten the experience” of scents they may not be accustomed to.  Many parents report back that the ‘trick’ works!! For example, A Lavender /Cocoa application at bedtime turns into a sweet chocolaty treat! YUM!

If someone does not like the smell of an essential oil or an essential oil formula, try adding a drop of Cocoa in Jojoba Oil. It makes all essential oil treatments smell heavenly!

Cocoa in Jojoba Oil offers a deep, rich addition to any formula or essential oil treatment, and mixes wonderfully with body care products. It is highly recommended for chocolate lovers as the aroma is like a fine dark chocolate – Good enough to eat! Add to body butters, lotions, candles, liquid soaps, or a luxurious bath.

Melissa's Cocoa Oil is produced exclusively for Melissa’s Botanicals in Grasse, France. You will not find this smell or consistency anywhere else in the world! It is made in single batches by a prominent perfumer who graduated from ISIPCA, where they accept only the world’s most discerning noses for study.


Add 1-2 drops with your glass applicator wand for children to tolerate essential oil treatments, helping to “sweeten the experience” of scents they may not be accustomed to.

  • Add 2-4 drops to diffuser to produce a rich, alluring scent that everyone will ask about!Mixes well with Peppermint, Lavender or Rose, etc. To experiment, put a bottle of cocoa and a bottle of your choice of essential oil to your nose, hold them close together and breathe. That will tell you if it will be a good mixture!
  • Add to body lotions, creams, body polishes, shampoo, conditioner, or anything you want to smell like a deep, rich cocoa. Mixes well with Peppermint, Lavender or Rose.
  • A popular recipe among kids is “mint chocolate” lip balm. In a 1 or 2-ounce container, mix 2-5 drops of Cocoa in Jojoba oil and 2 drops Peppermint into solid coconut oil or balm of your choiceJ. Mix well.  Rub on lips for a yummy, moisturizing treat! Adults love this too! This blend is extreamly kissable!

How does it work? (alphabetical)

  • Fixative – A viscous oil with a very low evaporation rate. Used in perfumery to stabilize and increase the “staying power” of a blend.
  • Neat – Safe to apply undiluted and directly on

Practical Applications 

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  • Cautions: none known

Ingredients & Sourcing

  • 100% Pure Cocoa oil from Grasse, France
  • Botanical name: Theobroma Cacao in organic jojoba oil.
  • Source: IFF, Grasse, France – Link to where it says IFF
  • All Melissa’s products are GRAS – Generally regarded as safe.


If swelling, redness, or irritation occurs, discontinue use. For sensitive skin, apply 1 drop of essential oil on inner arm and monitor for 24 hours.

Not intended for medicinal use.


Play with this oil. It is non-irritating and can be used Neat (undiluted) on anyone at any age. Completely

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