Lavender & Calendula Skin Care Kit
Lavender & Calendula Skin Care Kit

Lavender & Calendula Skin Care Kit

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Gentle and calming, Lavender and Calendula pair perfectly for all skin types. Harvested high in the French Alps, aromatic Lavender soothes and balances. Calendula oil, from bright marigolds, protects and hydrates even the most delicate skin. Enjoy.

Kit includes:

Lavender essential oil Lavendula angustifolia. Eases stress and supports sound sleep. Natural deodorant and ultimate aid in skincare.

Lavender hydrosol Lavendula angustifolia. Hydrating facial toner contains pure plant essences suspended in H2O from the steam distillation of Lavender

Calendula plant oil Calendula officinalis L. & Helianthus annuus L. Soothe and nourish your skin with golden Calendula flowers. Excellent carrier oil for all skin types. Aromatize with Lavender essential oil.

The Skin Care Routine

Spray 3-4 pumps of Lavender Hydrosol on clean skin.
Blend 4-6 drops of Calendula Virgin Plant Oil with 1-2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil into palm and massage into face and neck. Finish with a few mists of Lavender Hydrosol. Revitalize and mist throughout the day as needed.