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Culinary Muslin Bags

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  • Made from virgin (unbleached) cotton fabric (off-white), woven domestically.
  • There are no toxic chemicals used in the weaving process of these bags.
  • Meets requirements for use in food applications.

Muliti-use culinary bags

  • Fill your bags with one of our delicious caffeine-free tea blends.
  • Fill with our culinary spices for flavoring your food, or with our mulling spices for hot spiced cider or mulled wine.
  • Perfect for filling with potpourri.
  • Fill with salts for a relaxing soak in the tub.
  • Can be used for all-purpose packaging of crafts, soap, and little gifts.

Tea Bags for your enjoyment of making delicious tea blends.

  • General rule of thumb when making tea is to use 1-3 teaspoons (3 teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon) of herb per cup of water, depending on how strong you want your tea.
  • Steep (Infuse) aerial and leafy parts for 10-15 minutes, then strain and enjoy!
  • Simmer (Decoct) rooty and barky parts for 5-15 minutes, then strain and enjoy!

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