Lids for Boston Round Bottles

Lids for Boston Round Bottles

$ 0.50

Plastic Caps, Black Phenolic Cone Lined Caps

The cone lined plastic caps provide a wedge type seal that not only seals across the top of the container, it also seals across the inside diameter. This liner is stress crack resistant and offers superior torque retention and excellent sealing characteristics. This liner paired with phenolic plastic caps is commonly used for liquid products and should be tested first to make sure leaking does not occur.


18/400 Extra Small - fits our 1/2 oz. bottles

20/400 Small - fits our 1 and 2 oz. bottles

22/400 Medium -  fits our 4 oz. bottles

24/400 Large - fits our 8 oz. bottles

28/400 Extra Large - fits our 16 oz. bottles

33/400 Extra Extra Large - fits our 32. oz. bottles