Orange Peel Organic 1 oz

Orange Peel Organic 1 oz

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Orange Peel Organic

Citrus sinensis

Orange Peel cut and sifted is harvested from the ripened fruit of the Orange tree.

Citrus sinensis is a major natural source of vitamin C, along with antioxidants and pectin. Orange is among the most popular of fruits. First grown in Asia, they are now grown in many warm locations around the world, such as Florida, California and Brazil. Oranges, once considered a great delicacy, are now quite plentiful throughout the world. 

The peel is where most of the vitamin C in an orange is located, so if you're eating just the fruit, you're missing out on a lot of it.

Easy to power in a coffee grinder or regular blender with good blades. Orange Peel Powder is a great source of pectin, and easy way to increase overall vitamin C intake.