Adrena by Aviva Romm MD

Adrena by Aviva Romm MD

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Our brains are great at recognizing stressors

Our brains are great at noticing even the smallest signs of threat in our environment. But maybe they’re too great. These days, our brains rarely ‘turn off’ our stress response unless we practice doing it intentionally.

Adrenals: at the center of stress response 

When your brain senses danger, the adrenal glands pump out chemicals to make you very aware and sensitive to your surroundings. But if this happens too often, it can leave you feeling out of balance, overwhelmed and anxious. And even though this can feel exhausting, you may find it harder to fall asleep. 

Adrenals and anxiety

Adaptogenic herbs are all about balance


Adaptogens are a class of herbs revered for their balancing effects. They are used to support our bodies’ natural responses to stress, fatigue, and more. Their actions let you take them both over long periods of time and as a rapid response to short-term situations. In short, they make for ideal herbal tools to personalize and respond to the variety of stressors women face every day.


Eleuthero, Reishi and Turmeric

Crafted to let you personalize your approach

Meet Herb Pharm's new modular take on herbal support. A straight-forward approach we can all understand and personalize. They've focusing on the range of health challenges women face every day.* Their first wave of products focuses on the adrenals with Adrena Soothe, Adrena Nourish and Adrena Uplift. You might take uplift before an exam, a long day of travel, a deadline, or a night shift. Then you take soothe to recover and then you might take weeks of nourish to further restore balance.*

They’re a thoughtful collection of herbs. You can take them in acute situations or as a longer term daily plan.* You can take them together. You can take them alongside our upcoming herbal formulas for other body systems or even with your other supplements. You can use them to take greater control of your health. To awaken your inner wellness.

Let's take a closer look at each of the modular products one by one.

Adrena Soothe

Adrena Soothe is a calming adaptogen blend created to help you replenish the adrenals.* Designed to counteract the effects of an overwhelmed stress response system.* It helps you regain the natural balance that supports your overall wellness.*


  • Ashwagandha is an adaptogen often used as a daily response to fatigue, poor sleep, weakness and stress.*
  • Reishi is a mushroom has a long history of use to support the immune system.*
  • Ziziphus and Albizia come from Eastern traditions, the latter known commonly as ‘happiness bark’ for its use calming the mind and heart.*
  • Motherwort is traditionally used to calm nerves and reduce tension,* particularly in women.

Collectively, these herbs engage the senses and work with your body to help you recover and replenish your adrenals.*

Adrena Nourish

Adrena Nourish is an adaptogen blend created to be your daily adrenal support. Designed to optimize a regular, healthy stress response.* It supports key systems that allow you to maintain resilience and wellbeing.*


  • Holy Basil comes from Ayurvedic traditions to support the mind and lift the spirit.
  • Turmeric supports a natural response to stress and anxiety.*
  • Maca from the mountains of Peru is used to promote energy.
  • Eleuthero is used to support physical, cognitive and immune stamina.*
  • Schisandra weaves all five flavors on the tongue as a restorative response for the kidneys and liver.* It’s also a nourishing adaptogen.

Together, these herbs engage the senses and work with your body’s natural mechanisms to support your daily response to stress.

Eleuthero and Turmeric

Adrena Uplift

Adrena Uplift is an adaptogen blend created to help you focus, and promote stamina and a healthy stress response.* Designed to invigorate and optimize the adrenal system.* This energizing blend provides a fortifying boost when you need it most.*


  • Asian Ginseng is commonly used to address physical, cognitive and immune stamina as well as overall energy.*
  • Eleuthero is used to support stamina of all types.*
  • Maitake is a mushroom used to modulate a number of different systems related to immune and fatigue. *
  • Rhodiola comes from rugged northern climates and is used to help the body respond to anxiety, ‘burn out,’ and immune issues.*
  • Licorice is used to respond to stress.*

Together, the herbs engage the senses to work with your body to support stamina and respond to stress.*

Eleuthero and Maitake


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products a

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