Erigeron Cinnamon 1 fl.oz.
Erigeron Cinnamon 1 fl.oz.

Erigeron Cinnamon 1 fl.oz.

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Optimal Well-Being

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark oil (Cinnamomum (zeylanicum) verum) 6.25%
Erigeron flowering herb oil (Erigeron canadensis) 6.25%
Grain Alcohol, USP 87.50%

This is the original formula developed by the famous Eclectic physician, Finley Ellingwood, M.D., which he stated was “an extemporaneous prescription, which is (my) first resort in passive hemorrhage.”

Actions & Uses: Dr. Ellingwood states in his American Materia Medica, Therapeutics & Pharmacognosy, that Cinnamon “…is a hæmostatic of much power and positively reliable in all passive hemorrhages,” and that “…it acts in perfect harmony with Erigeron…” He goes on to say that it “…works to a better advantage in hemorrhage due to atonic conditions of the non-gravid womb, or where there is muscular relaxation, or a general flaccid state of the womb after delivery.”

“It certainly restores tone to the uterine muscular structure and induces tonic contraction. In some cases, during labor, it promotes the normal labor pains and materially increases uterine contraction, and prevents postpartum hemorrhage.”

Dr. Ellingwood states that he used this compound “…in all the uterine conditions named above, in extreme pulmonary hemorrhage, persistent hæmoptysis, and in gastric and intestinal hemorrhages of alcoholics. In all forms of hæmaturia, especially in renal tuberculosis, and in habitual nasal hemorrhage, in many cases, a single dose accomplishes the object.”

Dose: Dr. Ellingwood states, “It is not advisable to combine it with the usual astringents, as ergot, geranium or epilobium…” For dosage he states, “Ten to 30 drops on sugar, or dropped at once on water, will control nearly every controllable passive hemorrhage.”

Cautions: Severe bleeding can be life threatening. In all cases of severe bleeding or hemorrhaging, immediately seek qualified emergency medical care!

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