Helichrysum Hydrosol 1oz/30ml

Helichrysum Hydrosol 1oz/30ml

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Helichrysum Hydrosol

Helichrysum italicum 
Origin: Corsica, France
Size: 1oz/30ml

Rejuvenating & Lifting

Face: Use daily as a high antioxidant facial toner to hydrate and repair aging or damaged skin. May be used to prepare area for Veriditas Rose Regenerative Facial Oil. Body: Use as a deeply restorative skin treatment for any area of the skin in need of deep repair. A rejuvenating toner for the décolleté. Helichrysum is also known as “Immortelle” and “Everlasting.”

True hydrosols are not essential oils added to water, but the bi-product of essential oil distillation. Hydrosols contain all of the water-soluble elements of a plant and are extremely safe and effective for skin care.

Veriditas By Pranarōm hydrosols are distilled in stainless steel stills and processed via certified organic methods in Europe – BIO, SIMPLE and ECOCERT.

  • Micro-filtered and UV filtered our hydrosols for optimum shelf life. They keep a much longer shelf life (up to 5 years!) in the refrigerator, but only need to be stored out of sunlight and heat.
  • Hydrosols so pure that they can be taken internally.
  • Labels informing the user on how to check for bacterial blooms (cloudiness indicating spoilage).
  • City and country of origin.
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