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Menstrual Cup XO Flo

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Made with Flexible Medical-Grade silicone.
Storage bag is made from cotton.

XO FLO collects your flow instead of absorbing it. Empty & reinsert as often as
you would change a tampon , or wear up to 12 hours at a time. With proper care ,
your XO FLO will last for years.
Look for XO FLO MINI if you prefer light to regular tampons , have a light flow ,
low cervix , sensitive bladder , or have not given birth.
Cotton Storage Bag and Detailed Usage Instructions Included.

"X" Design: Internal Structural bands help your cup open fully to prevent leaks.
Comfortable Rim: Smooth design for easy insertion and removal.
Flexible Stem: Tapered shape for a barely-there feel.
A Sustainable , simple alternative to tampons
Designed and Manufactured in the USA