SuperPure Milk Thistle Extract

SuperPure Milk Thistle Extract

$ 34.90

SuperPure?? Milk Thistle Extract

Organic Herbal Extract for Healthy
Liver Support

60 Capsules (60 day supply)

Nourish, cleanse and protect your liver
and whole body ? with the world ?s most
trusted standard

With 50 years of European research and over 100 clinical studies backing it, our patented SuperPure Milk Thistle is the one you can trust for protecting your liver and supporting healthy detoxification. Our exclusive, certified organic, SuperPure processing is unlike any other, ensuring absolute purity, potency, bioavailability and synergy. With the perfect ratio and spectrum of all the highly protective Silymarin Flavonolignans, you will experience the maximum benefit from this time-honored herb.

The #1 researched Milk Thistle Extract for optimal liver health ? now certified organic!

Milk Thistle Health Benefits

  • Nourishes, supports and protects your liver
  • Supports healthy detoxification
  • Encourages regeneration of your body ?s antioxidant stores
  • Offers healthy aging support and free radical-busting activity
  • Promotes healthy skin

Our patented whole-spectrum formula contains the clinically researched quantities & ratios of Silymarin compounds including Silybin A & B, Silychristin and Silydianin. In just one capsule, you get a full 260 mg of whole-spectrum Silymarin concentrated from over 50,000 mg of freshly harvested organic Milk Thistle seeds.

Organic Seeds from the Source

Milk thistle seed has been used for over 2,000 years to protect our livers from undue toxic harm, but not all seed is created equal. Our certified organic Milk Thistle Extract is made from the original European heirloom preserved seed ? the perfected variety that has been the subject of all the prominent clinical research on this protective herb. Our certified organic, SuperPure extract process safely and completely captures the whole spectrum of this special seed ?s most valuable compounds. Unlike nearly all other Milk Thistle extract products, we do this without the use of toxic petrochemical solvents and additives that have absolutely no place in your body!

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