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Neem Oil Organic 4 fl.oz.

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  • Organic Neem Oil

  • WITH THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF USE, neem has long been considered one of the most versatile plants known. This pure, organic herbal oil is made in-house at Banyan Botanicals according to Ayurvedic tradition by slowly steeping neem leaves in organic, unrefined sesame oil. The long, careful process ensures the oil is infused with the benefits of neem and can be used directly on the skin.
  • NEEM OIL is excellent for supporting healthy skin and hair. Intensely cooling and soothing, Neem Oil helps relieve any excess heat in the skin and scalp. It then softens, lubricates, and replenishes the skin while it also supports lustrous, smooth hair.
  • THIS HERBAL OIL comes with a long list of other uses. For those who don’t mind the taste, it can be used as an oil pulling oil. It is also used as a face cleansing oil or to support healthy nails. With such a versatile range of uses, it’s no wonder Neem Oil continues to be an essential herbal oil in many households.
  • BANYAN BOTANICALS is committed to producing the highest quality Ayurvedic products using USDA certified organic herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded. All of their products are 3rd party tested to ensure product quality and safety.