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Pranakids Pilou Diffuser

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Pranarôm Pilou Essential Oils Diffuser for Babies specially created for baby living spaces, diffuses a subtle scent in the atmosphere and a discreet white, pink or blue light.

Safe and easy to use, this diffuser of essential oils for babies offers a healthier air for baby: under the effect of imperceptible vibrations, the essential oils poured into the water are dispersed in a beneficial aromatic mist. The air is both humidified and sanitized.

The diffusion is done cold, is safe and effective. The cleaning of the device is easy.

Technical data of the diffuser:
- Unbreakable wood and plastic
- Quiet
- Works on electrical mains
- Automatic or manual stop
- Air humidifier
- Night light/LED mood light: 3 colors to choose: white, blue, pink.

From 3 months: 30 minutes before bedtime.
To help baby sleep and help him fall asleep calmly, spray 3 drops of PranaBB Sleep Mixture.
To cleanse the air that baby breathes, spray 3 drops of the PranaBB Sanitizer Mixture.
To repel mosquitoes and protect baby, spread 3 drops of PranaBB Citronella Diffusion Mixture.
Clean the diffuser once a month, as indicated on the instructions.
Indication: Essential oils diffuser for babies.