Reishi Mushroom Whole Organic each

Reishi Mushroom Whole Organic each

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Organic Reishi Mushroom - Whole

Each mushroom is approximately 7x6 inches in size.

Botanical Name: Ganoderma lucidum

Common Names: Ling zhi, ling chi, lin zi, mushroom of immortality

Origin: China

Reishi is a polypore mushroom, growing in damp, dark forests and the occasional rotting log. Modern day demand has forced its cultivation in Japan, China and the United States which is promising for the wild stands of Reishi. Our Reishi is cultivated in China on logs of Xylosma racemosum.

Uses And Preparations

  • Tea decoction from the dried mushroom, which usually calls for 1-8 grams of dried mushroom per cup of tea (6-8 ounces).
  • Powdered mushroom sprinkled on food or in beverages.