Lavender & Rose Face Scrub
Lavender & Rose Face Scrub

Lavender & Rose Face Scrub

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Lavender & Rose Face Scrub

3 oz in a rice paper bag

4 simple Ingredients:

  • Organic Oats
  • Organic Lavender flowers
  • Organic Rose petals
  • Kaolin clay

Directions for Exfoliating & Cleansing:

  • Use a small amount of scrub.
  • Add enough water to make a well-blended paste.
  • Wet your face with warm water to open pores.
  • Gently scrub your face in circular motion upwards. 
  • Don't get the scrub inside your eyes.
  • Remember your neck!
  • Rinse with water to remove scrub.
  • Towel dry.

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    Now, go and take on the day!

    May be used morning and evening.