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Undyed Organic Cotton Pads Organic Pad 3 Pack

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Thank you for choosing Glad Rags Cotton Menstrual Pads. They are washable and
reusable. Your supply of Glad Rags should last for years , which is great for you
and for the environment. Glad Rags are highly absorbent and the soft cotton
makes them super comfortable. They are meant for personal use by only one person.

Organic grown cotton
This package contains: 3 holders and 6 liners.
Its a Mini and a Maxi
Each Glad Rag consists of one holder and two liners. Place one or both liners
in the holder and then snap it around your underwear. Change Glad Rags as often
as you would change disposable pads. We suggest 6-12 Glad Rags day pads and
1-3 night pads , depending on your flow and how often you do laundry.
Cleaning and care
Really simple. Cold water soak or pre-wash , then machine wash and dry using soap
or detergent. Be sure to remove the liners from the holder before washing.
Please wash your Glad Rags before initial use. If staining occurs use a
non-chlorine stain remover. Once clean and dry store your pads in a dry place.
When you are away from home , place the used Glad Rags Carry Bag until you return
home , then place in cold water soak.