Jasmine Absolute 2ml

Jasmine Absolute 2ml

$ 33.00

Jasmine, Absolute

Jasminum grandiflorum
Origin: India
Size: 2ml

Due to the preciousness and price of Jasmine Absolute oil, this 5 ml standard bottle contains 2 ml as noted on the label.

Jasmine is an exotic flower which exudes and incredible intoxicating fragrance. Jasmine absolute is used extensively in traditional perfuming both for their rich floral scent and its uplifting qualities. As an aphrodisiac Jasmine is supreme. Jean Carles described Jasmine absolute as being equal to a bakers butter in terms of usefulness in perfuming. In India the flowers are used in ceremonies, in the hair and to make garlands. Jasmine tea is still flavored with the jasmine flowers. Jasmine is used to bring increase joy, heighten arousal, reduce fears and anxieties and in skin care.

Jasmine blossoms must be carefully picked in the early morning hours and the flowers must be opened partway. 8 million jasmine blossoms are needed to make one kilo of the absolute. The Jasmine has a mysterious seductive scent which can intoxicate the senses and lessen our inhibitions.

This Veriditas essential oils is listed on the GRAS list of the FDA.

GRAS is an acronym for the phrase GenerallyRecognizedAsSafe. Under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act), any substance that is intentionally added to food is a food additive, that is subject to pre-market review and approval by FDA, unless the substance is generally recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use, or unless the use of the substance is otherwise excluded from the definition of a food additive.

This particular Veriditas essential oils is labeled without external use only printed on label implying that you can use these particular oils in food preparations, cooking/baking, medicinal preparations: such as medicinal honeys, cough syrups, tinctures, flower essences etc.

Please note this oil is only recommended for their INTENDED USE as a food additive, as the FDA only allows such approval and does not approve any essential oils or herbs to be used for disease or treating heath conditions. Therefore, Veriditas cannot make claims that essential oils have any health benefits.

All Content Copyright 2005 - 2016 Veriditas By Pranarom, LLC. The FDA has not evaluated the statements or claims on this website. No claims are made as to any medicinal value of this oil or any products from Veriditas Botanicals. The information presented here is for educational purposes of traditional uses and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You are responsible for understanding the safe application of these products. If you have any questions, please call or email us for further information.
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