Clove 5ml
Clove 5ml

Clove 5ml

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Eugenia caryophyllata
Origin: Madagascar
Size: 5ml

Aromatic molecules: Eugenol, eugenyle acetate
Distilled organ: Flower bud

Cloves, or Eugenia caryophyllata are the dried flower buds of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia. Cloves have been used as a spice for flavoring food as far back as 1721 BC. Cloves have also been chewed to improve dental hygiene and dental discomfort, and support healthy digestion for many hundreds of years.

Cloves are used in many types of medicine, including Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, herbalism, dentistry, and aromatherapy. Clove has a wide range of medicinal properties. The main constituent, Eugenol (part of the Phenol-propane family) has been proven to be broad-spectrum antibacterial. Today, people still use Clove to support oral health, promote digestion, and enhance healthy respiration, as well as many other culinary and health uses.

Clove essential oil can be skin sensitizing so it is is best diluted in carrier oil to .05%. This would equal 4-5 drops of Clove essential oil in one ounce of carrier oil.