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Combination & Sacred Space Sprays

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Alaskan's combination formulas have been made into sprays.

Three of these: Easy Learning, Soul Support and Travel Ease are designated as Combination Sprays.

The other four: Calling All Angels, Guardian, Lighten Up and Purification have been designated as Sacred Space Sprays.

The energy of the spaces we occupy can impact the way we feel in both negative and positive ways. We have all entered a room and experienced discomfort without knowing why or noticed when a room feels stuffy even with the windows open. Unpleasant or disturbing energies in our homes and workplaces can affect our ability to find comfort in our surroundings and to be our best selves. On the other hand, when our spaces welcome and nurture us with beneficial energies, we feel comfortable, vibrant, and alive, making it easier to achieve higher levels of functioning.
Our popular Sacred Space Sprays cleanse, harmonize, and uplift the spaces where we live, sleep and work. Each spray contains a unique combination of our Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences, plus carefully selected high-quality essential oils to enhance the energetic effect of the essences. Used regularly, the Sacred Space Sprays support our well-being and increase our vitality by clearing stagnant energy out of the spaces we occupy and inviting positive and vibrant energy.
• to regularly refresh your spaces, for example, when you’re cleaning, vacuuming, or decluttering
• to clear stagnant energy from hotel rooms, rental cars, treatment rooms, and offices
• when you sense heaviness in your home, or when it doesn't feel quite right

• when you feel tired, anxious, or depressed after entering your home or office

• after stressful events like arguments, violence, or emotional outbursts
Cleanse, energize, and strengthen your personal energy field!
Purification removes stagnant energy when you feel tired or when you are taking on unwanted energies from your environment. 
Calling all Angels invites loving and serene energy into your heart when you feel sad or lonely, or before going to sleep.
Lighten Up boosts your energy when you feel tired at the end of the day, or when the stress of life gets you down.
Guardian helps sensitive people thrive by supporting strong healthy boundaries.



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