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Malta's Cream

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Malta's Cream is an All Purpose Ointment of the external treatment of skin conditions, wounds and injuries. It is soothing and healing and helps prevent the formation of scar tissue.

In 1996, Susan Parker, author of Power of the Seed, made the cream for a much loved school cow that needed help with an injury from barbed wire. Herbal extracts, oils and healing green clays were mixed together to make the first version of Malta's Cream.

When Susan stopped making products, she was so kind as to pass this formula on so someone, Linda Carroll, else could make it and people can continue to enjoy its many benefits.

Caution: Do not use Malta's Cream on a deep would as the outer tissues could heal over before the deeper wound is healed and thus cause an abscess. Malta's Cream can be used around a deeper wound to sooth until the center has healed.

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Wonderful 😊

My friend bought this for me a few years ago. I remembered the name and found it!