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Solomon's Seal Rhizome 2oz

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Solomon's Seal Rhizome

Lab Tested

2 oz - 57 grams approximately 

Botanical Name: Polygonatum odoratum

Country of origin: China


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Kiki M
Most herb stores don't know to carry this

This is an amazing herb to use to treat sprains, tendonitis, any RSIs, arthritis, etc. Better than comfrey, in my opinion. I had a sprained ankle that wouldn't heal properly (mostly because I kept walking on it) and taking Solomon's Seal tea twice a day for two weeks is the only thing that finally helped it get better. In Korea we drink it all the time as tea. Can be used as either a cold or hot infusion (you don't need much, only 1/2 teaspoon of dried root for about 8 oz of water). Tincture works well as a topical application. Most Western herb stores don't even know to carry this stuff, but it is so useful. Very glad Rosemary's Garden has it in stock; it proves to me that they know what they are doing.