Pepper Rainbow Blend Whole Organic 1oz
Pepper Rainbow Blend Whole 1 oz. - Rosemary's Garden

Pepper Rainbow Blend Whole Organic 1oz

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Organic Rainbow Peppercorns

1 oz - 28 grams approximately in a rice paper bag.

Rainbow Blend Pepper is a delightful blend of all four colors of peppercorns. It is a beautiful mix of fresh green, fruity pink, sharp white, and bold black peppercorns to add spice and an exquisite presentation to any of your culinary dishes.

Ingredients: Black pepper, white pepper, green pepper and pink pepper.

Black, white and green peppercorns are from the dried drupes of the Piper nigrum plant.

Black peppercorns are the strongest and oldest.

White are milder.

Green are from unripe corns.

Pink peppercorns are from the pink fruits of Schinus molle plant The are considered fruity.