Nasal (Neti) Pots

Nasal (Neti) Pots

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Add a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of organic infused salt rinse into the neti pot with 10 ounces of warm water; please use distilled or previously boiled water. Stir thoroughly and run 5 ounces through each nostril. Use twice a day for maximum benefit.

Using a neti pot:

  1. Relieves pain, pressure and congestion by liquefying the excess mucus in your nasal passages and flushing it out.
  2. Keeps the cilia (basically, tiny hairs) in your nasal passages moving so they block out bacteria, allergens and other irritants. Congested or dry sinuses are a breeding ground for infection.

Sinus problems are caused by “a breakdown in the normal function and protective role of the nasal cavity,” explains University of Wisconsin Medical School Professor David Rabago M.D.

“The lining of the nasal cavity protects the upper respiratory system against infection by viruses and bacteria,” he says. “When the mucosa is inadequate to the task, sinus symptoms can result.” Research by Dr. Rabago suggests that nasal rinsing helps the nasal mucosa do its job.

A natural approach to sinus health

Using a neti pot can help restore your sinuses to health.

Pharmaceutical sinus remedies, on the other hand, suppress or alter the body’s processes. They relieve symptoms in the short term. At a price.

Requiring long-term or frequent use, pharmaceuticals can be hard on both your wallet and your body. Many have unpleasant side effects. Most are only partially effective. And the success rate for sinus surgery, which is often suggested for severe sinus problems, isn’t encouraging.

Rinsing with a neti pot could help change all that.

Many of our customers say they’ve been able to get off pharmaceutical drugs, or at least cut down on them. Others have canceled sinus surgeries.

Recommended by many doctors

Neti pot use  soared since Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended them on Oprah in 2007. The show’s website quotes Dr. Oz as saying neti pot use “may be more effective than medication.”

In fact, more and more physicians are recommending using a neti pot to their patients as a way to alleviate colds, allergies and sinus problems.

And research by top university medical schools is starting to provide scientific proof of how effective nasal rinsing is. See: University of Wisconsin StudyUniversity of Michigan StudyRhinitis in Children Study, Nasal Rinsing for Pregnant Women with Allergies.

Easy and gentle

Using a neti pot can easily fit into your daily cleansing routine. All it takes is a few short minutes – just like brushing your teeth. Gravity gently does the work of rinsing your sinuses for you – that’s the beauty of using a traditional neti pot like ours.

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