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Carrot Seed 5ml

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

Size: 5ml

Synonyms: Queen Anne’s Lace, Wild Carrot

Cultivation: USDA and EcoCert organic cultivation in France

Composition: 100% Carrot Seed essential oil, certified organic by USDA and EcoCert.

Extraction: Watersteam distillation

Primary Constituents: Carotol, α-Pinene, Geranyl acetate, Sabinene, β-Pinene, Limonene

Viscosity: Medium to thick

Color: Clear to yellow

About: Carrot Seed has a warm, woody, root-like aroma used extensively in skin and facial care. A few drops used daily in your moisturizer can help support cell regeneration & health. For minor scrapes & bruises, aid the skin’s natural healing process by applying with carrier oil a few times a day.

Blending Recommendations: German Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Roman Chamomile, Cistus, Frankincense, Geranium Rose, Helichrysum, Lavender, Lavender Reserve, Melissa, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

Safety Information: 

  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or with children under the age of 5.
  • Never ingest Carrot Seed essential oil.
  • Carrot Seed essential oil is potent and is best used diluted at less than 4% in a carrier oil (less than 30 drops per ounce of carrier).
  • Average effective dilution is around .5 –2.5% (3- 15 drops per ounce of carrier).

Shelf Life: 4 years under proper conditions.

Storage: Store with cap firmly closed, standing upright, out of direct heat and sunlight.

Notes: Non GMO, No Pesticides, No insecticides, No additives, Gluten free, Vegan, Cruelty free, No carrier oil added.

Further product details including essential oil chemistry profiles can be found on the Pranarom website

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Cindy Kim
Awesome quality!

Their's products are amazing! My skin is visibly changing. The Carrot seed oil is my favorite