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Stress can lead to temporary anxiety, headaches, tension, and over time can decrease vitality and suppress immune function. WishGarden Herbs' Deep Stress herbal blend offers nourishing nervines to buffer and lessen the effects of stress in the moment and over time. A powerful combination of 10 soothing herbs help to take the body out of high gear and support normalized mood and energy.

2-4 droppers full under the tongue, or in liquid for taste - repeat as necessary in the moment, or use 1-3 times daily as a tonic during periods of heavy stress.

* Avoid using the adult formulas while pregnant or breastfeeding unless advised to do so by your natural therapies practitioner.

Active Ingredients: Nettle leaf, Milky Oat tops, Bladderwrack frond, Borage, Skullcap aerials, Parsley leaf, Thyme leaf, American Ginseng root,Motherwort aerials, Peppermint leaf.

Other Ingredients: Rocky Mountain artesian spring water, vegetable glycerine & organic gluten-free alcohol.

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Freyja Wade-Lewis

I like the deep stress