Eleuthero Glycerite 1 fl.oz.
Eleuthero Glycerite 1 fl.oz.

Eleuthero Glycerite 1 fl.oz.

$ 15.00

Energy & Vitality


Actions: Adaptogenic tonic that moderates harmful effects of physical and mental stress. Enhances general health, as well as physical and mental vitality, energy, stamina and work performance. Increases general resistance to disease.

Uses: Excellent rejuvenating tonic for debility and lack of physical and mental energy. Environmental, physical and mental stress, overwork, chronic tiredness, and nervous exhaustion. Elimination or moderation of chronic or recurring illness, and to facilitate recuperation during convalescence. To moderate ill effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Tonic for athletic training and performance, as well as hard physical work and mental concentration. Withdrawal from drug addictions.

Dose: Take 30 to 40 drops, 2 to 4 times per day.


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