Lavender Spike 5ml

Lavender Spike 5ml

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Veriditas Organic Spike Lavender Lavandula spica

This oil is not the same plant as True Lavender. The Spike Lavender is more camphorous and more active on the skin then true Lavender. Spike Lavender is specifically for acne, oily skin, burns, promoting respiratory health and is great in massage oils to reduce neck and shoulder tension and headaches. The scent is similar to a blend of True Lavender with Rosemary ct. cineole as it has both the floral, clean, fresh notes like True Lavender and the earthy, minty aromas found in Rosemary. Spike Lavender can be used in bath, compress, diffusers, direct inhalation, massage and skin care. Spike Lavender is best avoided during pregnancy and is not suitable for use with infants.

Spike Lavender grows in scrub land between 0 et 600 metres of altitue. It is a large plant with several branchings, each stalk bears many, small flowers. It reproduces itself by seeding. Little used in France because its fragrance is too strong (too camphorated), it does serve in Spain and Portugal as a thinner for oil paints and on porcelain.

Spike Lavender grows in the dry and harsh Spanish deserts. In order to protect itself from insects, infections, and attract pollinators it produces a unique essential oil suited for its environment. The hot and dry conditions make Spike Lavender produce and excrete an essential oil high in camphorous scents and cineole giving it similar scent to Rosemary. Spike Lavender neatly illustrates how climate and altitude can greatly affect the kind of essential oil plants produce to survive and protect themselves from predators and infections.

Spike Lavender is made through steam distillation of the flowering blossoms. The essential oil is light and clear to light yellow or green toned in color. The Spike Lavender has a mild risk for skin irritation and should not be used internally. True Lavender is much more gentle then Spike Lavender and the two are used for different purposes.

Spike Lavender is very nice in blends especially for the respiratory system. It blends well with Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Sage, Clary Sage, Cedar Atlas, Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, Cypress, Frankincense. Spike Lavender makes a great addition to soaps, breath blends, shampoos, bug sprays, all purpose cleaners, in salt scrubs and more.

Suggested uses:


This is an antiseptic and regenerative treatment for acne. Combine the following in a small bottle:

1 drop Thyme ct. Linalol

3 drops Rosemary ct. verbenone

3 drops Neroli

2 drops Spike Lavender

Apply a small dab of this mixture directly to the acne.


Wet the skin in the shower and apply 5-10 drops of Spike Lavender neat to the skin making sure to get behind the knees, under the arms, on the abdomen. Massage into the body for 30 seconds to a minute then rinse with hot water for 3-5 minutes and towel off. This is immune boosting, a heart tonic, and good for the respiratory system.

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