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Frankincense Hydrosol

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Note: If you order one or more Hydrosols, please be advised that we cannot prevent Hydrosols from freezing and breaking in transit. If you live in an area or if your products are shipped through an area where temperatures are freezing or below, you are responsible for any Hydrosol breakage due to freezing. Please consider postponing your Hydrosol orders until the weather in your area is consistently above freezing.

Frankincense Hydrosol

Boswellia carteri
Origin: Sanaag Region – Somaliland
Size: 4oz, 1oz

Spritz Frankincense hydrosol liberally on the face to help rebalance the skin’s PH and soothe acne, blemishes, cuts, wounds or sores. With its anti-microbial properties suspended in water, this hydrosol is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Pair with our Skin Clarity and Rose Regenerative Facial Oil blends for added benefits. As one of the most valued herbs of Biblical times, Frankincense is often used to prepare the body and mind for prayer and meditation. Spray yourself and your space to clear, ground and restore.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Barnum

Love the smell and what it does for my skin


I like the refreshing mist on my face

Magali Dubois
Love it!

Love the Pranarom Hydrosols, they are true to their scent. I've noticed and improvement and believe the Frankincense has been very beneficial for my skin.

Rosalba Diaz
Love to order from Rosemary Gardens

Hydrosol is amazing ! The packaging the little note. Love your store