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Herbal Deodorant 8ml

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Previously called Men's Deodorant.
8ml now in convenient and effective amber bottle with a metal roller top.

Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme ct Linalol, Vetiver

An effective, pocket-sized formula that smells amazing and kills bacteria without preventing perspiration. While formulated for a traditional, woodsy, masculine scent, it can be used by both men and women.

Prepared for Direct Application * Easy and Effective * 100% Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

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J Koski

I love this lovely smelling oil blend! I have been wearing it, combined with the floral deodorant, for about a decade.

Brandon Harris
Deodorant is great, applicator is not so good

I love the deodorant and I'm a long time customer. My recent order contained bottles with a new applicator. I like the feel of the new applicator, but this morning I had the roller ball and plastic insert that goes in the bottle come out with the lid. I didn't notice and threw half the bottle on myself and the floor. I was able to fish the roller ball, etc, out of the lid and will watch closer for this in the future. Wanted to let you know this was happening with the new applicator.

John Clinton
Great Consistent Manly

Blends well w BlackSeed oil for an all natural woodsy and healthier start to my day. Gently fades into the day. A Must 4me.

Caroline Gray
My Favorite Scent EVER!

This is my favorite smell in the world! It says on for HOURS (way longer than any other oil I’ve used)!! I don’t even use it as a deodorant but put it under my ears & jaw and on my wrists so I can constantly be smelling it. I am a woman & it’s a great scent for either men or women. There’s something about this blend that when I smell it, I literally feel so much happiness. Maybe my body needs one of those oils and so craves it but even just the scent is medicinal and now I get to smell it all day long!

sarah silverman

Herbal Deodorant 8ml