Deodorant, Women's

Deodorant, Women's

$ 16.00

Deodorant, Women’s

5ml, 8ml & 1oz roll-on

Lavender, Tea tree, Thyme linalol, Rose geranium, Ylang ylang, Thyme Thymol

Veriditas By Pranarom has formulated great smelling and extremely effective, pocket- sized deodorants to replace conventional Aluminum-containing deodorants. Because offensive odors are caused by bacteria, essential oils are extremely effective at eliminating underarm odor, but do not stop perspiration. To use, simply apply 3-5 drops undiluted to fingertips and rub under each arm as needed. Our Women’s Deodorant features the feminine smells of Ylang ylang and Rose geranium, whereas the masculine smell of Vetiver marks the scent of our Men’s Deodorant. Use the one that appeals to you! These oils stick around and do their job from anywhere to 6-12 hours. When beginning, start with less and add more to find out how much you need for an effective dose. Now available in 8ml roll-on bottles!

For breast health: These therapeutic formulas have more than just deodorant effects. Both deodorants are high in limonene, cell protective monoterpenes, and other supportive lymph cleansing properties. After underarm application, use a second application of your deodorant to the breasts and sides of body to promote the body’s natural lymph- cleansing and circulation (combating the constriction of the bra!). This method of daily breast massage with oils will support breast health and vitality.

Prepared for Direct Application * Easy and Effective * 100% Certified Organic

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