The Shift into Spring: Our Tips for Emerging from Winter Slumber

The Shift into Spring: Our Tips for Emerging from Winter Slumber

A shift is in the air. A shift to a time in which, finally and at the end of a long and hard year, the constraints of COVID regulations seem likely to let up, if only a little, soon.  A shift to what some of us consider better weather, though none of us in Sonoma County are yet ready to part with rain. A shift to longer days, to more light. To blooming trees and flowers of every shade. Spring has arrived.

With the arrival of any new season comes adjustment. But to me the transition from winter to spring always somehow seems the most abrupt. Winter’s energy is insular and cozy - a time to take needed rest and to hibernate. The pandemic, in many ways, has felt like an extended winter in that we have been forced to slow down, to rest, and to turn inward for almost a full year. The awakening energy of spring, in contrast, is outward-facing. Plants and animals alike are shifting out of the long and deep winter to come alive, to flower. For us humans, this can look like new energy coming forth to take on creative projects, to physically move more, and to socialize with those around us. And how can we make the most of this energy even in a time that is still so uncertain? We have pulled together some tips for moving with the transition into spring gracefully. 

First, many of us at Rosemary’s Garden believe in the power of clearing energy. For us, that comes in the form of moving objects around on our tables and shelves to make sure that nothing becomes too stagnant. It also can look like burning incense, diffusing essential oils, or spraying a flower essence blend or gemstone essence spray. Spending time clearing out winter’s clutter, switching out winter clothes for spring ones in the closet, and throwing out old food in the fridge are all excellent ways to clear and move energy as well. 

As our bodies experience the external shift in the weather and plant life around us, we may be invited to make some changes. First, we may be drawn to different foods than the ones that warmed and soothed us over the winter months. Salads and fresh vegetables may be calling to us as the farmer’s markets expand their offerings again; and we may just decide to pick some fresh dandelion leaves to add to our salads. We say the best diet comes from following your intuition! And from incorporating digestive bitters.

If allergies tend to flare up around this time, we have a few recommendations. Our Calm Your Allergies tea blend is a favorite of many. If you love tinctures, Wishgarden’s Kick-Ass Allergy or Tree Country may be your friends. We also LOVE Collett’s Humboldt Honey - and what better medicine is there than delicious, local honey?

If anxiety is flaring up with this energy shift (and with everything else currently happening in the world), we are feeling the importance of a grounding adaptogenic blend at the moment. Banyan Botanicals’ Tranquil Mind tablets are wonderful if anxiety or a busy mind are keeping you up at night. Taproot Medicine’s Stress-Away Syrup, locally made in small batches, is also a beautiful daily ally. One of our go-to’s for more immediate anxiety relief is the Bach Rescue Remedy pastilles - easy to keep on hand for an emergency. We also love Wishgarden’s Emotional Ally

Our last piece of advice for shifting into spring is to continue with daily immune support. We can’t lose sight of this as warm weather and vaccines come onto the scene. We love our mushrooms, and Host Defense’s My Community blend is a wonderful and comprehensive ally made with 17 medicinal mushrooms species. Astragalus and echinacea are two herbs we recommend adding into your tea blends - our Healthy Immunity tea blend contains both. Lastly, we just home-made spicy and delicious fire cider to keep your immune fires going - get some before it’s gone!

Feel free to call or email us with any questions around support for the season. We hope to see you soon!


- Olivia Dillingham