Charcoal Incense Roll

Charcoal Incense Roll

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10 Charcoals in each roll.

Use to burn resin incense

Holland-made Three Kings is the leading premium brand;internationally recognized in the Shisha world for its consistentquality level and dependability.

Perfect for burning the Incense Resins.

Three Kings Charcoal is available as quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Each briquette ignites easily and quickly by holding asimple, small-flamed lighter to it. Due to the strict selection method and high quality demands of the raw material, as well as the 50-year old, perfectedproduction techniques our briquettes hold no flavour of their own, and have a smooth, long and even burn.

This charcoal is internationally recognized as the best quick lighting charcoal available on the market. Apart from charcoal ourproduct portfolio is made up of incense mixtures. Three Kings company uses a strict selection method of raw materials. Combined with their perfected productiontechniques they supply their incense charcoal to a greatly satisfied customer base all over the world.