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Golden Milk Blend 3oz

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Organic Golden Milk Blend

3 oz - 85 grams approximately in a rice paper bag.

A tea blend that has been savored for centuries and used to support the mind and body.

This classic blend is made of:

Add Cardamom, Vanilla, Orange Peel or any other flavorful or sweet herb that fits your taste. Stir 1 teaspoon in water or your favorite milk. You can also sweeten with some honey. Yields 28 servings when using 1 tsp each time.

Blend your own Golden Milk using any of these powdered herbs and spices:


SARSAPARILLA, INDIAN (for the Vanilla flavor)

ORANGE PEEL (easy to powder)


Recent study shows that you may not want to take Turmeric if you are on blood thinners.


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Cassidy Schenider
Buy it, buy it now!!

I am completely obsessed with the golden milk tea, as well as every tea I buy here! Golden milk helps my stomach so much whenever it feels upset, and tastes so delicious. I’ll enjoy it with just water or even milk! You can make so many cups from just a small scoop as well. Well worth the price and the shipping is insanely fast. Buy it!!